Thursday, January 13, 2011

As promised ...

Junco in snow. 'dees and sparrow,  too.

The border is well marked; snow in the flower bed, dark mud under the hedge. 

A sparrow ventures out for a brief look around, then heads back to the shade.

Chickadee on his favourite seed-splitting branch.

"What's this stuff? And where's my breakfast?"

Our anticipated snowstorm turned out to be a dollar store brand; skimpy, fragile, and quickly worn out. By mid-morning, the snow was plopping off the trees in big, slushy shovels-full. On the ground, those nice white mounds turned into a couple of inches of whitish mush. Now it's raining.

And I was hoping to build a snowman. Oh, well...


  1. I love your comment on the dollar store it's so true. Beautiful photos, love the chickadees

  2. Ah, but I work in the valley, so I got a snow day out of it. SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!


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