Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Heads I lose. And win.

It was a toss-up; Terra Nova on the south of the airport, or Iona Beach, on its north. We were looking for waterfowl; Laurie mentioned snow geese. I picked Iona Beach, thinking of cormorants off the jetty. Wrong choice. Not only was there not a goose to be seen, the tide was high and except for a mixed flock of ducks and coots on the far side of one lagoon, a couple of lonely crows and one long-legged wader, the place was birdless.

But there's always something ...

Quiet lagoon

Mushroom that looks like a flower. Or a hat.

Flower that looks like a butterfly.

These grow wild all over the dunes.

Shy beauty

Tiny 'shroom and moss

Wooly bear

I think this is a whimbrel.

Just leaving.

Someone will tell me now that all the geese were down at Terra Nova.

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  1. Interesting that "flower" mushroom -- cute the shy flower!


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