Friday, October 15, 2010

Stopover at Finn Slough

We had occasion to go into Steveston today, and on the way back, followed the road along the river bank as far as it would take us. It was raining off and on; a grey haze lifted off the water and drifted across the land.

Near the end of the road, we passed Finn Slough, and stopped for a few minutes.

Downstream exit, through the rain-spotted windshield.

Soggy field across the road on the mainland, with a bit of cheerful colour. Rapeseed, I think.

Dinner Plate Island School. That's what the sign says.

This house reminds me of the typical north Vancouver Island houses of my childhood; cedar shakes down to high water level, pilings, green mold.

Lookout tower. From the road, we could see out the window on the far side.

Most of the deciduous trees here still have green leaves. (At home, my maple is almost bare.) There are fruit trees along the crest of the island, (barely 100 metres wide, at low tide) and native flowering shrubs, Indian plum, ninebark, black twinberry, and the like; wetland plants. And, of course, the ever-present weed alders. Around the tower house, the shrubbery is elderberry, the first to lose its leaves, wild rose bushes bearing small red hips, and head-high grass.

We were getting rain on the cameras. Time to go home. But first, a quick sampling of Finn Slough quirkiness:

Bicycle on the roof, under the eaves. An oldie; foot brakes and no gears.

King of the Jungle; white stone touched up with lichen,and with a shiny bracelet in lieu of a crown.


  1. Great houses on pilings. Almost like a float cabin, but more susceptible to water level fluctuations. We have a few like that up the lake, but not many. I would guess our high and low water marks are about 25 feet apart or more depending on the rainfall and amount sucked out at the dam. - Margy

  2. 25 feet is a lot to build for, on pilings. I remember places like that up the West coast; at low tide, they were over dry beach, and we would explore there, looking for sea urchins and starfish, with the buildings far above our heads.


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