Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mirror images

While I was trying to get a photo of ducks and coots underwater, Laurie saw a distant flock of "peeps", and went to investigate.

An archipelago of tiny yellow flowers, in a Reifel Island pond a couple of inches deep, and long-billed dowitchers.

Three, with two reflections.

Some of the photos he brought back remind me of Escher's symmetrical drawings, the ones with birds or fish or lizards, black ones interwoven with white. (Except that these aren't quite as rigidly arranged.) I'd love to have them printed on a T-shirt, or maybe a pair of mugs.

The bill of the long-billed dowitcher is straight, and twice the length of the head. The one near the centre of this photo shows this clearly.

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  1. Your photographs are absolutely awe-inspiring. The patterns remind me of Escher's works.


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