Monday, August 23, 2010

Got boots?

I just received an e-mail that I will post in its entirety here. I think you'll be interested.
Hi, Susannah
I’ve been reading your blog and I thought that you and your followers would be interested in this charity campaign that will raise money for local wildlife. It won’t cost them a penny and will only take up a few minutes of their time.
The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC is one of the recipients of the Keen Canada campaign Boots Give Back. For every photo of boots uploaded to its website at, the outdoor shoe specialist will donate $5 to one of the four listed charities, including the Wildlife Rescue Association based at Burnaby Lake.
The promotion runs until October 31, 2010, and with WRA as the only BC-based charity recipient, the more photos your followers upload, the more money the WRA will get to carry out its vital work.
The WRA has been carrying out wildlife rescue and rehab since 1979. Last year the organization cared for more than 3,000 injured, orphaned and pollution damaged animals, the majority of them birds.
Each person can upload a photo of their boots in action as many times as they want. Keen only ask that participants upload just one photo a day and use a new photo every time. You don’t even have to be wearing Keen footwear. Any brand of boot, shoe, sneakers, clogs and even flip-flops will do.
As well as raising money for the WRA, participants stand a chance of winning free prize packs which include boots, bags and socks.
For more information about the WRA, go to
Upload your photos at:
Thank you for your support.
Yolanda Brooks
Communications Coordinator
Wildlife Rescue Association of BC

I went to their site, , and "toured" their facilities. It is very similar to O.W.L., except that they rescue animals and small birds as well as raptors. I recognize the old house they use as an office; drove in there once, years ago, I can't remember why now. But someone there was talking about ducklings; it seems that people bring them in, thinking they're abandoned, not realizing that the parents know where they are. And sure enough, they still have special housing for baby ducklings!

Now, I'm off to look for shoe and boot pics.

*Update: Found one: with a car ahead of me in the lineup at Bull Canyon, waiting for the escort car to lead us through the fire zone.

Note the socks drying on the door handles. Looks like fishing tackle in the car.

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