Sunday, July 25, 2010

The daily bath

We have a family of six or seven chickadees frequenting our backyard this summer. Only last week, the youngsters were learning about bathing. We watched four of them sitting on the edge of the bird bath, hopping from one spot to another, flying up and dropping towards the water, then changing their minds mid-flight and returning to the rim. Finally one tiptoed gingerly in. (The water was barely half an inch deep.) He splashed about happily, while the others watched. After a while, they joined him, one by one.

Now they're old hands:

They always check the area first, from the shelter of the rhododendron.

Hey! This thing's a mirror!

Not any more, it isn't.

Small bird, big splash. (There's a reflected ring because I was taking these from my desk, through two window panes.)

Drying off in the sunlight. This one's for Clytie; I think she'll like the heart.


  1. What a great series of photos.

  2. Beautiful series of photos. Every season this amazing dance happens. It's a treat to observe.

  3. I was tingling when I saw your photos. Then I saw the heart!

    The shot with the bird's wings open in the 'bath' is absolutely stunning. So, as usual, you continue to amaze me!!!

    P.S. This heart will be seen again!!! If you don't mind, that is!

  4. Great shots! And that heart is a so delightful.

  5. I love this series of shots. The birdbath mirror is so cute and has some great reflections. I like the heart too.

  6. OH, my goodness! I think this one might have to be my favorite for this week's Guest Heart Thursday! I see she did indeed love it...

    I also really love the one where the waters are splashing up like fireworx. How perfectly beautiful--fills my eyes it does. Which is the greatest compliment I can give.

  7. Oh, the birds look so sweet! These are really nice pictures. ♥


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