Saturday, July 24, 2010

Watery Whack-A-Mole

On Reifel Island, we stopped at the warming room to watch the ducks below the deck:

Serene mother duck

One circling duckling

I dropped a handful of bird seed over the railing to encourage the ducks to stay close. It worked. A handful of adults swam over, and up-ended for a seed or two. But the ducklings - youngsters are always hungry - went wild, diving and surfacing and diving again, playing a splashing game of Whack-a-Mole.

We tried to get another photo, but we are such slowpokes:

Missed him.

Too late again!

Almost got two, there. Almost.

On the way down again.

And again.


Score: ducklings - a couple dozen; Laurie and I - two. That round goes to the ducks.


  1. I love watching our ducks. We named them. Chatty Cathy, never shut up (Like an Aunt Cathy of mine1!)
    And there was Oscar & Myrtle! We'll miss them!

  2. Ducklings are so cute - and like you said, so fast! So are baby chickens. I tried to catch some yesterday, but they all turned out a blur.

    P.S. In that last shot the duckling left a splash shaped like a heart!
    Random Hearts would like to use this shot in a future Guest Heart Thursday! May I?

  3. The ducks may have won that round, but I bet if you and Laurie jumped in the water and left the ducks to handle the camera, you could turn things around and win the match.

  4. Hey, nice dive shots!

    What about that handy repeat button on the camera ... you can just click away and hopefully catch something.

  5. Jenn; I like that. I'm always naming "my" animal friends, even the bugs.

    Clytie, Sure you can use the heart. And look in today's post: there's another one for you.

    Steve, I don't even want to imagine that; the mud must be deep there!

    Eileen, I always forget the repeat button until the need for it is over. :-(


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