Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Canoes at Semiahmoo

Figurehead, traditional Coast Salish canoe

T'wis?a. Does that mean "the loon"?

Notched prow of a sea-going canoe.

Seen at the wind-up of the annual Salish Sea Journey, hosted by the Semiahmoo Nation. More on the design and construction of these canoes, at Ocean Explorer.


  1. Those canoes are absolutely stunning. I like the subtlety of the loon, but the others are such powerful designs.

  2. I agree - absolutely stunning. It boggles my mind that these actually are sea worthy. It would take a lot to make me put out to sea in something that small!

  3. Clytie, they're definitely sea-worthy. Somewhere in my ancient black and white photos I have one of a few men in a similar canoe, without the ceremonial paint, standing to receive a sack of something - flour, potatoes, oatmeal? - from a larger boat. In a heavy swell.

    The coastal peoples used to go whaling in boats like these. Although I wonder how many of them drowned per whale.


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