Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pink umbrella

White Rock Beach, Saturday:

Low tide. White Rock pier in the background, and beyond that, Kwomais Point.


  1. I like your pristine shot of the low tide puddles with pinkish/blue hues in the water from the umbrellas. I’ve tried to take similar pictures of the pools and find it difficult to achieve satisfying results.

  2. Those reflections at White Rock are so tempting, and so difficult to capture. Laurie takes hundreds of failed photos of them, attractive enough, but just not quite what we saw. I take some, but fewer, saving my patience for the "critters".

    Both he and I took about a half-dozen shots each of the umbrellas. One other is passable, barely.

  3. What a wonderful reflection shot! Don't you just love digital? All those pictures to get the one good one, and no developing costs!!! My problem is I have such a hard time deciding which of my hundreds of shots (of the same thing) to delete, and which to keep!

  4. Clytie,

    "hundreds of shots of the same thing". Oh, yes. The cost turns out to be in time, and tough decisions.

    And for me, a spare hard drive, where I store the ones I can't bear to delete. Much later, when I look them over, when the memories are not so fresh, it's easier to decide, and I go on a deleting binge.

  5. I can understand all those people from a generation back, showing off their photo albums. "Look, you can barely see her in the shadow there, but that's Aunt Bev beside the pyramid." After all, those photos cost a dollar or more each! And you had to carry all those rolls of film and keep them out of the sun and heat. And you only took one, or at the most, two shots.


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