Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A 30-hour day would be handy about now.

I've been working too long, too hard, too late. Now there's no time to post.

But there's plenty of great reading in the latest Carnival of the Blue, over at Observations of a Nerd, and even more goodies in the 50th Circus of the Spineless, at Arthropoda.

I'll be back in the morning, with some stuck-up spiders.

And just because; a curl of dead kelp, coils of worm poop and water refraction. Boundary Bay, low tide.


  1. A 30-hour day would be handy EVERY day, esp. if 15 of those hours were early morning, my favorite and most productive time of the day!! Love the underwater shot. ~ks

  2. This shot is extraordinary, my friend. I love how the curl of the kelp is duplicated in the 'worm poop' coils ... wow.

    I enlarged this picture, and it is even more amazing.


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