Tuesday, April 06, 2010

And which way is up?

It has been an eventful couple of weeks; we've virtually abandoned our favourite beaches to hang out in malls and office buildings and home offices. We met family in IKEA, Granville Island, and Surrey Centre. I got blisters on my feet from walking on pavement. We made umpteen cell phone calls; "Where are you now?" I even had a late lunch in a MacDonald's half-way between stops.

And I ended up the week in St. Paul's Hospital, holding a newborn great-grandson. (Hey, wait! I'm too young for this!)  He's beautiful and healthy and has big, dark, sleepy eyes.

Tomorrow, this computer goes into the shop to have its stubborn ways educated out of it. And Thursday, I hope, it will come home, suitably chastened.

And then, life will fall back into its comfortable rut. I fervently hope so, anyhow.

Meanwhile, this sign, from the hospital parking lot, suits my present state of mind.

Um, isn't that left, where the arrow points? Or am I completely back-to-front?


  1. Wow, a great-grandson - what a blessing! And yes, I would be quite confused by that sign too!

  2. I have enough trouble finding my way out of those lots without that. It's a wonder I'm not still there, wandering around in a daze!


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