Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Why crows object to eagles

They're greedy, and don't play fair. Case in point:

Hmmm. What have you guys found?

I'll have that, thank you.

Did I hear you say something?

I'll just take it over here to my private dining room.

And leave me alone. This is my supper now.

That's better. Now fly away and let me eat in peace.

Nom, nom, nom ...

What do you think you're up to?

I see you back there!

I'm still watching. Keep your distance!

I saw that!

I am sooooo ill done by. And so patient. Really!

And stay away!

Got a feather caught in my beak. I need a toothpick.

Hey! I'm saving that for my bedtime snack!

I'm outta here.  And I'm taking my goodies with me. These crows are a gang of low-down, thieving free-loaders.

Of course, the crows, being crows, get their vengeance. And I've got it on video. I'll get that up tomorrow, or the next day, depending on how well the old computer handles it.

I think the bird was a pigeon; the feathers were dark grey or black, but there were white patches.

All that was left on the sand.

1 comment:

  1. What an extraordinary photo series. And your comments are so perfect!

    I'm going to go look at them again now!


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