Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stained-glass feathers

We came around a bend in the trail at Reifel Island just in time to catch this pair of wood ducks out in the open.

Wood ducks, female (left) and male.

They're shy birds; before we got a chance at a second shot, they had scooted down the bank and into the water. They came back, partway, when I tossed a few handfuls of seed in their direction. The lighting was bad; we were in shadow, pointing into the light. Imagine these colours, but shining as though with an interior light.

Blues and greens on the male's back.

I always thought the female was drab, but here, in breeding costume, she is in no way eclipsed by her gaudy mate.


  1. They are absolutely gorgeous! That last picture captures their beauty the best! I don't often see Wood Ducks, but when I do, time stands still! ~ks

  2. Stunning creatures! Great captures! I've only seen them on blogs....would LOVE to see one in person :)

  3. Excellent photos. I've been waiting so long to see a Wood Duck. Such a beautiful and colorful creature.

  4. So beautiful - I still get giddy when I see wood ducks - it is always a special event. I was also struck by how stunning the female look in your photos.

  5. Those are so sharp I could almost touch them.

  6. Thanks, all. We so rarely see wood ducks, except a brief glimpse 'way across the water. After this close encounter, there was nothing more needed for the day; we walked to the next corner and headed back home.

  7. Wonderful photos of the beautiful wood ducks. The female is pretty. Great captures!

  8. Super shots of one of my favorite species of duck Susannah! Wood Ducks are so incredibly beautiful in person but they are difficult to approach.

    I always thought that the male was very handsome but when you see the female in season, I agree with you, she trumps the rather gaudy male.

    The colors of the female in your last photo are amazing.


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