Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beautiful mob scene

For the first day of spring, our most widespread spring flower:

And arguably, one of the prettiest.

Or many, if you're a literalist. Each one (of many millions) is a stem bearing thousands of flowers. Ray flowers are the "petals" on the outside; the tubular stems in the centre are disk flowers. (Which seems a misnomer; since when are tubes disks?)

Just dandy; how many million dandelion flowers are there in your lawn today?


  1. Gorgeous! No dandelions in this lawn, but I had plenty when I lived down south. The tiny iridescent native bees loved them and would crawl between the petals to pick up pollen.

  2. Adding to the brilliance of the flowers!

  3. Anonymous6:41 am

    None yet, but only because it's not yet warm enough here. Rabbits and groundhogs love them.

  4. How many dandelions! Not enough, because our tortoise loves em so they get picked and eaten pretty quickly!

  5. We have a few - they are starting to pop up everywhere. My chickens love them so I pick them after a day or two and throw them into the chicken pen. Dandelions are some of the most beautiful, least understood plants around.

  6. None yet! But I'm anxiously waiting! Dandelions are amazing. They have a lot of medicinal purposes and are used in many culinary dishes. ~ks

  7. Or along the roadsides, trails and paths. They cling to almost anywhere. I do love the flowers, but then I don't have a lawn to worry about. - Margy


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