Thursday, February 18, 2010

Whatever works, works.

I'm still sorting old photos. This one is from last summer.

Such elegance! Such gracefulness!

I think they're all landing*, slamming on the brakes in the air. The gull comes down feet first, spread apart. The crows are all points; wings here, tail over there, feet and beak forward.  You almost expect them to end up head over toes in the sand.

In a second, the gull will look poised and collected, as if he'd never flopped down in that ungainly fashion. The crows will just look like crows.

*The link goes to airplane landing techniques. I think the crows are demonstrating the "Slam Dunk".

I had a line-up of photos prepared, but it's far too late. Sorting takes more time than I would have imagined. I'll post them tomorrow.


  1. Great shot. Reminds me of this song relevant lyric around 1:20.

  2. "... push each other inward and outward ..."

    Yes. They do.

  3. I like the picture and the article.


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