Saturday, February 13, 2010

Seven thousand and still counting!

I've been sorting photos all day, thousands and thousands of them. I'm amazed at how fast they accumulate; one of the "advantages" of digital cameras. (I could probably delete a good 5000 and never miss them. But, oh, the decisions! Hard!

There are quite a few that I intended to post here, and never got around to it. Life's too full.

I've got some interesting beasties to share, a wandering mussel, skies and birds and new flowers. A few oldies but goodies, too. But not tonight; I'm going to bed.

How about one last Elgin Heritage Park shot? A view over the wetlands; a tangle of bare shrubs and dried grasses.

Just beyond the grasses, a large mixed flock of mallards and wigeons dabbles in ankle-deep water. None of our photos really turned out; the grasses always got in the way.

And now, goodnight!

(Picasa has been counting: it's at 8000 and some now, and still going strong. I think I'll tell it to lay off. I don't need to know this.)


  1. Oh, I SO relate. I have about 12,000 pictures to sort through and I know, at least half of them could be trashed. Like you say decisions, decisions. It doesn't help to have a husband who says, "oh don't trash that one, look at the clouds, I might need to paint those clouds one day." Has he painted in the last year and a half. Nope!

  2. Laurie laughed; he is probably just as bad. "I don't mind if it's blurry; keep it!"


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