Saturday, December 19, 2009

Centennial Park sampler

I've been researching yesterday's mini-critters; I've narrowed it down to copepods, but there's a long way to go yet.

Meanwhile, here are a few more of the Centennial Beach photos:

Marsh beyond the dunes. We look for swallows here in the summer.

Willow branch and ice. Duck pond.

Overhead embroidery.

Lichen on the bark of an old cottonwood.

Winter, courtesy of Tim Horton's. Oh, Oh, Oh, courtesy of the city of Tsawwassen.


  1. I like the lichen.

    Very few good books on lichen I notice.

  2. I know. The books that are more complete have lousy photos, and the few with great photos show a few lichen, always from somewhere else.

    If you ever find a good book, let me know.

  3. I like the last photo. Was Tim's really selling snowballs for 5c?

  4. Seabrooke,
    Unfortunately, no. Out of stock.

  5. The best book I know on Lichens is the Observers book of lichens - you can probably pick up a copy from ABE books. Observers books were a series of pocket books produced in the UK - they have ben out of print for years but have a cult following with collectors. I did a post on my blog about them - see link. There is also an observers book of mosses and liverworts

  6. Thanks, Mark,

    I think I've seen one of those, in a used bookstore around here. Not the lichen one, though.

    I'll watch for them.


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