Sunday, December 27, 2009

Better than the malls on Boxing Day

(... or any day, really. But Boxing Day is when we're supposed to go the mall, isn't it? To save any money we have left over, by spending it, right?)

December 26th turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, summery, freezing day. We found the tide going out at White Rock. Wonderful!

Greater Yellowlegs

It's going to take a couple of days to sort the other 300 or so photos.  Lots of goodies coming up!


  1. I would sooner spend the day at the water's edge than at the mall. No Boxing Day shopping for me.

  2. No malls for us, although we did drive past one and laughed gleefully at all the cars parked there!

  3. I am back in Wales at last - after spending Christmas in Wiltshire (we have a house there because of my work)So no mall either - tonight I shall go to see the starlings go to roost - there are one million their now, but it will build to twice that or more over the next month.

  4. You, your commenters and I have a few things in common. Off the top of my head, I could mention a lack of interest in malls, a love of nature, a love of photography and the fact that we seem to be early risers. I look forward to more of your photos.

  5. No malls for us! It was a beautiful day here too and we got out on our walk. D is still not up for anything more energetic ... like kick sledding! Can't say as I was sorry. One sees more walking.

  6. In the event it was three million starlings that came in - I am going to post about it soon when I get some better pictures from a photographer who was there.

    Absolutely stunning


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