Sunday, November 01, 2009

On the pumpkin trail

I'm in Strathcona again. It's full of talented people,* so I thought that the Hallowe'en displays would be worth checking out. And the sun came out! So off I went, camera in hand, to find pumpkins.

I was not disappointed. These were a few of my favourites, all found within 3 blocks of the starting point.

A happy kid. Maybe Calvin?

Love the toothpick hair!

Cat on a windowsill

In distress; all those warts, dried-up nose, and he's lost an ear, besides.

Raccoon, the masked bandit?

Toothy character.

"Ow! That tealight was hot!"


And one extra, not a pumpkin. The simplest decoration I saw, but surprisingly effective: the two-tissue ghost.

Good until the next rain.

More of the pumpkins are on Flickr, here.

*The annual Eastside Culture Crawl, this year with over 300 local artists, happens in three weeks, November 20 to 22. We'll be there, as usual.

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