Monday, November 30, 2009

Just one thing, and I'll be quiet

Post #3 of Culture Crawl, 2009 series. (#1, #2)

I don't believe in artist's statements. Oh, I read them all, carefully. I think they're important, giving an insight into the background, values, and aims of the artists. But I don't believe them.

The thing is, the writer of the statement is trying to express in words what he has already said in his most powerful language; his artistic creations, the melding of his talent, his feeling, his skill, his determination. The written statement is a pale shadow only, a second-best.

It follows that anything I can say about someone else's work is a ghost of a reflection of a shadow. So here is a sampling of work we saw in this year's Crawl, with as few words of mine as possible:

Angel in a cage? Paneficio Studios

ALL SEEING, Valerie Arntzen. Wood box, found wood, fridge cores, spring, wood ball, acrylic rod, map. 

Sandra Bilawich. Vase, stone and barnacles

Arnt Arntzen, bowls

Arnt Arntzen, airplane wing bench

101 ladles.

I've been watching this room develop for some time. The artist wasn't in; Crawlers examined it from the outside.

101 ladles and a row of blue houses, three Crawlers, reflected

The only explanation. On the door.

Kathleen Barrett. Untitled. Root, box, stones.

Kathleen Barrett. Wire, iron ball, rusty pipes, root, board

Bamboo art. Rob Thomson

Crib board, bracelet, candle holders. Bamboo art, Rob Thomson

Chain and crystal lampshade. Artist unidentified.

Hard-hat table, clock. Noah Goodis, Ironside Metalworks.

Noah, with his chair storage solution.

Louise Francis-Smith. Wall of her reflected photos in the glass of another. Views of Strathcona, people of Chinatown.

'nuff said.

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