Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shaggy, toothy, bubbly, blobby. And chaotic.

If it would only stop raining, we have been saying, we could go mushrooming.  Watershed Park is probably full of them. There's a yard-full of amanitas near the 29th Street Skytrain station, clumps of rotting Shaggy Manes along the street I take to the grocery store. We've got to go to the Watershed!  But it's raining all the time.

Except for Friday. The sun came out. And we skipped mushrooming in the wet woods and went to the beach instead.

We were in luck; we found a couple of rotting logs riddled with fungal growths, as weird as we could wish.

Great patches of these blobs of yellow jelly. The ones in full sun were an intense orange.

These pale yellow tongues were quite a bit smaller, and on the wetter parts of the logs.

Some kind of a crust fungus, somewhat like wet rot.

Another patch of the same. Bubbly center, with white fur borders.

Toothy stuff.

Different toothy stuff.

The weirdness continued, farther down the beach. We found this poor dead alien cast up on shore.

Not a Martian. (I think.)

These reminded me; I was going to post this 'shroom, a few weeks back, and forgot:

Big, chaotic mushroom. There was just the one, as far as I could tell.

If it stops raining, ever again, we'll go to the Watershed. If.

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