Saturday, October 10, 2009

A trio of snail shells

I've been sorting photos for the last couple of days. What to store keep, what to load to Flickr or Facebook, or share on the blog, what to dump? Decisions, decisions ...

I found these photos of some of my favourite shells.

Snail, probably from my son's collection -- Mexico, Central America, maybe.

Source unknown. It has the feel and texture of ancient clay pottery. About 1 inch tall.

Underside, showing central well.

Looking down through the spiral of a moon snail with a broken tip.

Moon snail, for reference. handful-sized. From BC, probably.

Time to quit for the night. My eyes are burning. G'night!


  1. Beautiful images S. How big are the non-moonsnail shells?

  2. The first one is about an inch across, and the second just a bit bigger.


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