Monday, October 12, 2009

Green and gold maidenhair

It was a grey day, grey and chilly. The wind had a bite to it. We went to Chinatown to buy Laurie's favourite baked goods. At the street corners and in the parking lots, the sun did its best to break through the overcast.

Down in the streets, in the shadow of the buildings, even the bright reds and yellows of Chinatown were dulled. We went antiquing, out of the wind.

Detail of antique door panel, with stylized leaves and flowers, possibly ginkgo.

We picked up a few small pieces of jade, modern; no antiques this time. Out on the street again, heading back to the car, we passed this "antique", untouched by the general greyness:

Ginkgo biloba, the maidenhair tree.

The leaves are a glorious spring-time green, in transition from green summer, through spring, to the fall golden yellow.

With the cooperation of the tree across the street and a handy window, pretending to be a garden.

Detail of branches, going every which way.

And back home to Strathcona (we're housesitting again) for tea and then supper. Tapioca pudding and sponge cake for dessert!

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