Saturday, September 12, 2009

Storm shelter for bugs

It's that time of year again; the rains have started and the nights are chilly. And the Western conifer seed bugs are looking for winter quarters. Laurie found the first one of the season on the blinds this afternoon.

I checked back; last year, they showed up the 15th of September. In 2007, it was not until October.

First house guest.

Last year, I tried to keep two over the winter; after all, they're just looking for a place to sleep, so there is no care or feeding involved, just proper housing. They made it most of the way through, but in the spring, they died before they got around to breeding. I'll try again this year, if a second one shows up. (They like company.)

Good-looking guy, although a bit bug-eyed.

These are leaf-footed bugs. Since this one was being really co-operative (interested in the camera, and willing to pose), I took a few shots of the hind legs.

A very tiny, hairy, brown leaf.

There's a bit of reddish fibre caught in his toes. Most bugs and spiders I catch around here have some of it. Bits of my carpet? Could be. I sometimes wonder how much of my surroundings are being carted off by assorted beasties.


  1. I literally stumbled upon your page in prepation for an upcoming post of mine. I'm a member of Nature Blog Network, too. Great blog and great macroshots of bugs and insects.

  2. I added photos of the Western Conifer Pine Seed Bug today!

  3. Will Alan, Nice photo! I love the colours of the antennae.


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