Saturday, September 05, 2009

Split personality

A week ago last Monday, I posted this photo, taken the 23rd of August; an orange-striped green anemone on a mussel in my aquarium.

August 23

The next Friday, I posted this photo of the same anemone, taken the 27th.

August 27

I noticed that the base of the column seemed to be spreading and had a gap in the centre. Now watch what has happened since:

August 30.

The anemone is now attached to the glass wall. But it seems to be still holding onto the mussel. In the next photo, taken a few minutes later, the shape of the "footprint" has changed; it's moving along the glass. And you can see a second foot holding the mussel.

August 30, a bit later

August 31

September 1

And now there are two.

Anemone 1-a. September 3

This anemone, "Anemone 1-a" is halfway up the glass wall. The mussel has moved to the bottom, carrying "Anemone 1-b".

Anemone 1-b. September 4

Both are healthy and hungry. There is still a bit of a scar visible on the bases of the columns.

I didn't know they did that.



  1. Anonymous10:20 am

    This is just so fabulous. I didn't know they did that either and love the photos. I can only hope they will appear in a certain atlas. :)

  2. Very very cool. Congratulations on capturing those images.

  3. Very cool indeed, to see a siamese twin walking away from the other.

  4. That's really neat. I love the colourful striping.


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