Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend sampler

Every day, no matter how hectic, has its little moment of delight. These are some from this week, in no particular order.

He was inside, and I carried him out. He clutched his dinner tightly all the way.

The legs are bristly, but the abdomen is soft and furry, almost pettable.

Checkered periwinkle on rockweed.

Digger wasp. The roadside at Alasken was riddled with little holes, the nests of these green-eyed wasps.

They dig down and are lost to sight in a few seconds.

Yes, it was an Orange-striped green anemone. It's grown up a bit, in just a few days.

I see a pug-nosed dog on this stone. What do you see?

And this one's for Hugh's collection. The family pet, abandoned in the park. Strathcona.

Painted ship upon a painted ocean. Semiahmoo Bay, from White Rock beach.

A Skywatch post. Since I'm naming memes, it's also a Friday Ark post.

And, don't forget; the next Circus of the Spineless is coming up this weekend, here. Send your submissions to me by Sunday, please. (wanderinweeta AT gmail DOT com)



  1. On that stone ... I see the saber tooth tiger from Ice Age.

    Thanks for stopping by with encouraging words.

  2. Hi Susannah - your wasps look to be European Paper Wasps - Polistes dominula - nice images!

    How does one submit to the Circus of the Spineless?

  3. Guy and Joe; Welcome! I hope you come back often.

    Cis; Laurie sees the tiger. I don't; the pug gets in the way, for me.

    Dave; thanks. Just send me a link to your post in an e-mail to wanderinweeta A T gmail D0T com, by Sunday evening.


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