Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The rough with the smooth.

Streets of Strathcona, 2009: The Textures.

(I couldn't decide which ones to omit, so this post is image-heavy.)

A rough-leaved fern in a shady garden

Daisies and slats

Asphalt shingles and old brick

Stucco and balcony

Wet T-shirt

Bubble wrap used as window covering

White hollyhock

Pottery in the making. The shop of Gailan Ngan.

Compost bin


Lychnis on fence

Tangle of wires

Pale yellow walls

Back alley door

White hydrangea

Diamond in the rough. (Stucco wall.)

The smooth skin of pears

And the bloom on a green fig.



  1. An interesting mix of pictures. I like the way you compose your shots. - Margy

  2. That back alley door is perfect: light, shadow, composition, color, everything.

  3. Anonymous3:00 am

    its a nice blog! keep it up! im not in your country though but good job!


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