Friday, July 24, 2009

Postcard from Vancouver Island

Just checking in. We're on the edge of Campbell River, on Vancouver Island. I've got an internet connection, finally and probably, for the next three days. Full reports, coming up.

For now, an anemone garden under the floats of the Powell River wharf.

I'll be back anon.



  1. I see you made it to my home town. Did you get a chance to explore or did you go from ferry to ferry? We made it over to Campbell River this month to meet some friends from Gibsons heading south from cruising the Broughtons. It's a fun town to visit. - Margy

  2. Hi, Margy. We did get a couple of hours in town. Had some lunch, went to a thrift store and a secondhand book store, then prowled the wharf until ferry time.

    It's a nice little town. Where is your book store?


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