Saturday, July 25, 2009

Free-style vacation; Leg One

This is the first vacation we've taken where we're playing it entirely by ear. No pre-booked rentals, no-one waiting for us at the end, no real end point, beyond "When we feel like going home." We've been taking side roads, following local artist signs, stopping where the view was good, or we saw lichens on the rocks or an intriguing place name. We've searched the outside walls of motels for bugs, and wandered in the bush. I'm still hoping for a bear; we found their droppings, twice.

And we've got hundreds and hundreds of photos. I've decided to blog them in chronological order, so as to keep my sanity.

So here's Leg #1, the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale (Gibson's Landing). Rather tame, so far ...

Horseshoe Bay - Langdale crossing

Harbour entrance, with marker

The weather has been uniformly beautiful; blue skies, calm waters, just a touch of a breeze.

Queen of the somewhere or other. The ferry to Nanaimo, I think.

Hard-working tugs. The nearer one is hauling a big log boom.

On the vehicle deck: he's got a license, but not to drive.

Coil of ropes and cable

We make our own path.

Water patterns

The shore, sliding by, with coast mountains behind.

Next: the Sunshine Coast.



  1. Wave Hi to my sister as you drive on through (Sechelt). A beautiful area.

  2. Hi, Sis of Cis!

    A belated hi, because Blogger sent a bunch of my comments to Spam. Good thing I finally noticed before it deleted them all.


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