Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Colours at the Quay

Wednesday Wordless (almost)

Palest pink:



Drooping Butterfly bush

Pink and cream:

Pink yarrow, with fly

Green, very green:

White waterlily


Water flowers on stalks.

Black and red:

Unidentified tree berries

White (ish):

Neptune watching ...

Orange, yellow, green and blue:

Carp pond, with reflections

And just plain brown:

Singing his heart out

And we're packed and ready to go, heading North, following our noses. I'll post whenever I find a network.



  1. Very nice!

    I believe your unidentified tree berries are mulberries. They are adequately tasty, they are a bit like mild, seedless blackberries. I like them when they are not-quite-completely black and still have a bit of tartness.

  2. Tim, thanks for the Id. Mulberries. Now Laurie is singing, "Round and round the mulberry bush"!


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