Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blue sky search

This time of year, fog often settles in over the low-lying areas of the Fraser Delta, blanketting us from Langley to Ladner, wiping out distances and colour. Yesterday was typical.

There was a hint of blue sky to the south-east; we headed in that direction, driving to Cloverdale on farm roads to the south of the highway. The mist drew a curtain around us, isolating us in a circle with one or two items at a time:

Gateway to a field.

Entrance to an unseen home.


U Catch Em.

(Trout swimming in the mist?)

Soggy field and rusty barbed wire.

We stopped to photograph two eagles in a tree, just over our heads; all we got were grey shapes. A hawk on a telephone pole was a brownish silhouette. We found a heron in a ditch:

When Laurie's flash went off, the heron rose and flew away, disappearing almost instantly into the fog.

Laurie leaned out the car window to take a photo of starlings on a lawn; they didn't approve:

"We're outta here!"

Meanwhile, on the driver's side of the car:

Ignoring the car a few feet away.

We never did find that patch of blue sky. Maybe tomorrow.



  1. Are those Brewer's Blackbirds in the last photo? We're not lucky enough to have blackbirds of any sort spend the winter in this half of southern Ont, except a couple of spots right down at the lake. In the southwest they're more commonly seen, associated with grain fields.

    I love the shot of the driveway disappearing into the mist. Very moody.

  2. Beautiful blue skies up here ... you could always head our way LOL. My friend refuses to come down from Quesnel for a wee visit as the roads are all gravelly ... windshield mayhem ... no matter how careful one is.

  3. I hope the fog lifts there. Supposed to be beautiful clear skies in the northwest. Lovely photos, though, really capturing that foggy overlay of everything.

  4. got some great photos in the the driveway to some house...and the flying fish!

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