Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hit or myth weather forecasting

Signs overhead, Thursday evening:

Snowflakes against a blue, blue sky. A warning, or a promise?

Full moon. Rumoured to cause insanity.

Red sky (well, pink) at night; sailor's delight.

So, what did we get?

Friday; rain, wet snow, sleet, wind, more rain. My poor chickadees bathed in the birdbath full of slush.

Saturday; sunshine in the morning, and fine, dry snow starting after supper. It's still snowing, tiny, barely-there flakes that drift idly down, but do not melt when they land.

Midnight photos: a dusting of snow on the hydrangeas.

Iron birds faithfully guarding the tiny moss planter.

Conclusion: the sailor was insane.

1 comment:

  1. Ha..Insane sailor...
    i do love the midnight photos..
    The moon was beautiful here in NC but i didn't venture out to take photos..maybe next time..


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