Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tumbledown Dairy

We've been driving past this barn on the Ladner Trunk road for a long time. Each trip, I am surprised to see it still standing, and say, "Next time, we'll stop and take photos." Thursday was this "next time," finally.

Tumbledown barn

Side wall, curved like a boat's hull, but not watertight.

Nor is the roof.

Geometric hodge-podge.

Lean-to on the end. Leaning.

Detail of one wall.

In spite of all that twisting and crumbling, Laurie says the building is sturdy enough. I don't quite believe him, but he has evidence:

Solid underpinnings.

I still wouldn't get too close; I was afraid even to sneeze.

It seems to have been used as a dairy barn:

Surge. 1983 - 1999 logo.

This is on the door of the shed at the rear, beside the old tank. (see top photo) (Would that be for milk?) Laurie tells me that Surge is the name of the milker they were using.*

In a dirty window in the shed, a glimpse of machinery, and a reflection of the farm across the road.

Fans, motor, tanks and stuff. With blackberry runners, both Himalayan and cutleaf or evergreen.

Through another window, a back door and a pile of assorted parts, vintage and modern.

And there was an unexpected bonus; I almost stepped on a patch of large cup mushrooms.

It came with a 1981 penny for size comparison. I brought that home with me. Waste not, want not..

*Here are some of the Surge advertising cartoons. Cute! And a smiling milkmaid on a postcard (scroll down).


  1. Loved the tumble down barn tour...all the way down to the mushroom and penny...checked out the links too...thanks that was fune

  2. Great shots!. Love the mushroom, were those fossil fragments next to it?

  3. Dawn,
    Glad you checked the links. I showed them to Laurie; he had some experience with the milkers when he first came to Canada, long years ago. He laughed and laughed.

    I think they are just broken construction or container chunks.


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