Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cold wind, warm sky

It wasn't raining. Not even threatening rain. We couldn't waste the chance, even if we were late starting; we went down to Beach Grove just before sunset.

The tide was high, the wind was chill, and the water was rough. But the sky was ... look:

From the highway, while I drove.

Over the water

Pink clouds reflected in the water and the windows of Crescent Beach on the far side.

We weren't the only watchers.

North, South, East, West. And a sliver of moon.



  1. Howdee...I have been enjoying your blog and have given you an award. thanks for all the wonderful posts. go to my blog and get your award...

  2. That sky was worth getting out for, even if the wind was chill! Especially liked that last picture with the weather vane and moon.

  3. Thanks, Dawn.
    I appreciate it.

    Cis; Of course, you get out in much colder weather, without a bit of complaint. I should be ashamed of myself; such a wimp!


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