Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beautiful. But...

... deadly.

It snowed all day yesterday. There was no hope of getting the car on the road, so I went for a walk in the snowstorm.

Prepared for the fun to come.

Branch dumping its load of snow.

Just before dawn this morning, I went out again.

Palest hint of pink.

Tree lace.

Still sleeping.

It was tough walking, over mostly unshovelled streets, but I kept going until the sun was fully up.

Then I dug out the car. The snow was knee-deep on this narrow street. I had to use a broom; my daughter has no shovel. (Now she has no useful broom, either.)

Sensible people were walking, not driving.

I drove back to Delta, rocked the car into a parking space, rocked it out, went Christmas shopping with Laurie, rocked the car back in, and out, and came back to Strathcona after dark.

I had to dig myself back into a parking space. At least, this time, Laurie had made sure I had a shovel in the trunk.

Delicate weed.
I ache.

I am going to bed.


  1. You should use one or two of these for Christmas cards next year. They really are lovely photos.

    I hope you're not feeling too sore today.

  2. Anonymous9:00 am

    Love your photos, they really show it like it is. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful snow pictures! You got some great shots with the buildings and park. Makes me want to go out and take more snow pictures. Thanks a lot :P

  4. Thanks, all.

    PSYL, You're welcome. ;)

  5. Sounds like the winters we had to suffer through the last few years in Toronto! Our apartment building had a parking lot but not enough for all the residents, and charged an exorbitant amount for the spaces it did have, so we parked on the street. Winters were a pain, though, all the digging out, especially when the plows piled it up, and there were never enough spaces to go around for all the people who wanted/needed to park on the street. We got in the habit of parking one behind the other, and then when one had to leave, moving the other car forward to take up both spaces and save a spot for the other. I'd much rather have to shovel my own driveway than park on a public street.

    Your photos are beautiful. Did it stay nice and white like that for long? That's something nice about winters in the country - in the city the snow gets dingy so fast.

  6. Beautiful shots. We're getting more snow tonight too. Definitely a white Christmas.

  7. Wow, did you ever get a dump of snow! What fun. Our guests that where going to come up Christmas day ... have now chickened out! Just as well, they only have all seasons ... just not good enough in snowy conditions.


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