Monday, October 06, 2008

Do you see what I see?

Looking over my spider photos tonight, trying to identify anatomical features, I noticed something not in BugGuide's diagrams. This one:

and several others like her, have a human-like figure depicted on the underbelly.

Here it is, up close:

Monk with goggles and white gloves?

Here's another:

Gladys the cross-eyed bear, wearing those same white gloves?

What do you see? (If you don't see anything, try stepping back from the screen; for me, the face resolves itself better from half-way across the room.)


  1. I see an Ewok.

    Do I win?

  2. The "head" puts me in mind of the monster from 1959 Z-grade movie The Wasp Woman.

  3. Jamon & Christopher;

    From one extreme (cute!) to the other. You guys have fertile imaginations!

    And Jamon, yes, you win. But so does Christopher.

  4. Looks like an alien to me Weeta...I like the top picture also..thanks for visiting me and giving me such good advice on photography....muchly appreciated.

  5. You're welcome, Island.

    So, that makes 2 votes for aliens, and one for ... what would you call a Wasp Woman? .. a mutant?

    Now, the question is, are the spiders designed or seeded by aliens, and we've just discovered the trademark?



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