Friday, August 22, 2008


Textures and shapes at Steveston Pier:

Tangle of ropes

Old boat, moldering away. Rust, old paint, rot. And weeds.

Rope bumper.

Must be a pirate ship: she says "Arghhh!" Or something like that.

A more conventional view, on a grey day.

Photos from Laurie's almost defunct film camera, taken last June, and forgotten in this summer's to-ing and fro-ing. There's one more batch in the camera.


  1. Love the old boat shot!

  2. The one with the rust and rotting wood?

    I love that boat, too. It looks like the owner has left it to disintegrate; each time I see it, it's a little less solid.

    There's no money in fishing, these days, his neighbours at the wharf tell me; not worth throwing good money after bad. Sad.


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