Sunday, July 13, 2008

From a balcony above Gastown

We spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon at "Girls in the City", an exhibition of art and photography held in a Gastown loft, and featuring three local women. One, the owner of the loft, is an old friend who specializes in architectural paintings; the other two women were my daughter (photography) and granddaughter (oil paintings).

Audrey's debut; this is her first exhibition. And she's so happy!

After we did the tour of the art, (and very impressed we were) we stood on the balcony overlooking the city. This area once was mainly industrial, but it has been cleaned up and converted to apartments and lofts. It still bears the marks of its history.

An old water tower.

"Ship Chandlery", the sign reads. I had to look the word up. It comes from the same root as "candle", and its first meaning, according to the online dictionary is "One who makes and sells candles." It can also mean a retail dealer in a specific line, in this case marine equipment. Another sign on the same building reads, "Boom Chains." They don't sell them here any more; those are expensive condominiums now.

Fire escapes and steeple, down in a hollow between buildings.

Looking west, beyond Gastown to the downtown area, relentlessly converting its old brickwork to steel and glass.

A sparrow sits on a railing on the roof of the refurbished chapel.

A silvery table for morning coffee on the balcony.

"Unframed Originals"

Gastown at street level.

Gassy Jack, being ignored by tourists and residents alike.


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