Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And still the void ...

I've got a migraine. This is what it feels like.

Decipher that, if you will. I'm taking an ibuprofen and going to bed.

See you tomorrow!


  1. I usually take 4 ibu; then if I don't feel better in 20 minutes, I take another one. Never fails.

    Well, actually--it failed when the count was 2, then 1; and then again when it was 3, then 1. Four then 1 has been working for at least ten years now.

    Besides--it's just stomach lining. Big deal.

  2. I usually take strong coffee as soon as I get the aura. It stops the migraine in its tracks for me, most times.

    This time, I was out of the house when it hit, so no luck. (Should carry caffeine pills, I guess.)

    2 ibuprofen and a pillow on my head works in that case. With a bit of pitiful moaning while I wait, of course.


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