Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tresspassers will be stared down

On the White Rock to Kwomais Point stretch again today, we watched more eagle/crow action. These may be the same pair I posted two days ago; it's in the same area.

They were both perched in the same dead tree. This was surprising enough, but as we walked in their direction, stopping every few steps to take another photo, they just sat there.

"Hello? This is my tree you're sitting in."

And sat there.

"Not that I care. I'm not even looking at you."

And sat there some more.

"Well? Have anything to say for yourself?"

For a good five minutes.

"Yes, you. It's my tree, and you're sitting in it."

"See what I have to put up with? I'm a patient crow, but really! "

Finally, just as we reached the base of the trees, the crow leapt off his branch with a loud, "Caw!", flew around behind the eagle and attacked. The eagle took off, with the crow in hot pursuit. As soon as the pair was well aloft and offshore, the crow dropped back and went to take up his post in the green branches next door. The eagle flew on until he disappeared in the distance.

(The poor eagle looks awfully scruffy. It's molting season. He's not dressed to impress the opposite sex any more. He doesn't impress the crow, either.)


  1. I think that crow, when he leapt up and attacked, was just showing off for your sakes ... keeping up appearances of his rascally-ness ... he and the eagle are probably good pals. Just joking!

  2. Maybe you're right. Maybe they are sort of making friends. Such things have been known to happen with dogs and cats.

    We may just possibly see them again. I'll keep an eye out.

  3. That eagle is mighty sad looking. I always find it amazing how littler birds harass larger birds. For all the beauty and predatory skills of the larger bird, it seems to have no way to get rid of the pesky smaller bird. BTW, I visit your site now and then, intrigued by your amazing images and knowledge. Heck, I've even linked to your site from my own.


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