Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That time of year again ...

... when everywhere you turn, there's a flower.

These are from last week. In descending order, according to size:

Magnolia. So sturdy-looking, yet so ephemeral; tomorrow they will be stained and dropping petals. For now, they stand upright on their bare branches, looking, at first glance, like ghostly flames.

White bleeding heart. This one is tough; these blooms have survived, so far, through rain, snow, and hail. And a spot of sunshine, too.

Epimedium. Rejoices in the English name of Horny Goatweed. Or Fairy Wings, which seems more appropriate.

It's a hardy evergreen perennial, often used as a ground cover. Mine is in a hanging pot, which brings the flowers right to eye level.

Lamium purpureum. Purple dead nettle. "Dead", because it doesn't sting like its (sort of) look-alike, the stinging nettle. The flowers barely peek out from under the soft blanket of the leaves. (Look at this full size to see the velvety texture.)

It's a common weed just above the high tide line and along the river bank. This one is from Boundary Bay. I just discovered from Wikipedia that it's edible. I'll have to try it.

And a really tiny weed. I've only seen it twice, both times in sunny, undisturbed spots. Dad had it in his yard; it forms a loosely-woven mat, delicate and easily ripped up, but quick to return. I don't know what it is.* Isn't it beautiful?

*Vasha says, in the comments, that it is Cymbalaria muralis, or Kenilworth ivy. Thanks, Vasha!


  1. While I'm far from actually knowing anything, that last one could be some sort of violet.

  2. Vasha4:47 am

    That pretty plant is Cymbalaria muralis, known as Kenilworth ivy, in the snapdragon family (Scrophulariaceae). See: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/1330/.

  3. Christopher,
    That's what I thought, but I couldn't find any violet like it.

    Thanks, Vasha, that's it! And maybe I can collect some seeds this summer, now I know where it's growing. Yay!

  4. I've never seen that Purple Dead Nettle before ... I'll have to keep my eyes peeled. I have seen that Kenilworth Ivy before ... only didn't know what it was either. It IS very pretty. You have a whole lot more in bloom down there than we do up here! Enjoy.

  5. Hi, got here through LarroPlatz via Multiply. I love those White Bleeding Hearts.


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