Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About those veggies...

A year ago January, I wrote a blog post about flowers seen walking down the New West Quay. I ended up with veggies:
Here along the Quay, someone with a lack of imagination always sets in truckloads of "ornamental" kale, green, white, purple and pink, in any space they find empty. In straight rows, sometimes on the diagonal, sometimes alternating colours regularly, like a checker board. Pretty at first sight, maybe interesting at the second. Not at the hundred and seventy-eighth.

But then again, maybe if we have a bad economic stretch, we can eat them.
It seems that someone was reading my blog. Here's what we found in the flower beds at the Quay this week:

Beets and some variety of brassicas.

Swiss chard.

Parsley and something dark purple, either more beets or a brassica.

And, of course, plenty of ornamental kale, green, white, and pink.

Looks almost good enough to eat.

Next visit, I'll be expecting potato plants and tomato frames.

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