Monday, March 24, 2008

Lazy night and five links

Because I'm very sleepy tonight (Or lazy; take your pick.), I'm just posting my occasional "Not-quite Weekly Five" science links, without any write-up, and in no particular order. Instead, I have cut and pasted a quote from each article to introduce its topic.

(Blogging on "Blogging on peer-reviewed research".)

From Not Exactly Rocket Science:
Mantis shrimps have a unique way of seeing
Eagles may be famous for their vision, but the most incredible eyes of any animal belong to the mantis shrimp.
Ditto: (BoBopr-r)
From Living the Scientific Life:
Dog Walking Harms Wild Birds
Unfortunately, a scientific paper was recently published showing that the presence of dogs, even when they are on a leash in these natural areas, seriously interferes with wild birds' reproductive success and even scares many of them away.
From The Marvelous in Nature:
Tunnels from Top to Bottom
The first paragraph read, “Cambium miners cause concern when noticed but are not very damaging to the tree. The mines can extend from a twig all the way down to the roots. The mines form light-colored lines in the bark.”
From Born Again Bird Watcher:
Time Lapse Videos of Emerging Butterflies
The very idea of a complete physical and ecological transformation of a single creature borders on science fiction; if it hadn't been so well documented, anyone would be forgiven for thinking it was the product of an overly creative novelist.
From Daily Kos:
Hermit Crab Basics
Hermit crabs are found all over the world in shallow waters and are one of the more familiar coastal animals. Although they have an exoskeleton, as all crustaceans do, this protective covering only surrounds the head, legs and claws. To protect the soft rear part of the body they must find a suitable shell to crawl into.
And now, I'm off to bed. 'night, all!

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