Tuesday, July 10, 2007


A few minutes ago, I looked up from my desk, and saw a tiny bird splatted on the cement deck outside. He was on his side, with one wing off at an odd angle; he looked dead.

When I nudged him gently, though, he righted himself and pulled back the wing. Alive, at least. And quivering.
He sat like this for some few minutes, eyes closed. I finally picked him up, intending to put him in a warmer, safer spot, and he struggled, then was still. But his eyes were opening.

Five minutes of sitting like that, sheltered and warm, and he recovered:

When I opened my hand then, he flew away, blundering at first, then steadying. Good.

Look at the detail of those baby chickadee feathers:


  1. Just curious as to what kind of camera you use. I may start looking for a better one than I am using!


  2. I have the cheapest digital I could find at the time; I was just a beginner and didn't know what I would be doing with it. It is a Kodak EasyShare C533.

    I am dreaming now of a better one, something that will give me more macro power. For now, I take reams of photos, then throw away the not-so-good and the terribly bad ones.

    For close-ups, I often put the camera on delayed action so as to get rid of camera shake; a better camera would compensate for this, but mine doesn't.

    And for really tiny stuff, I add my own home-made lens for magnification. Plus the delayed action, of course.

    Laurie uses an older film camera, a Canon, I think. It does much better in high-light situations and distance shots, but doesn't like tiny things.

    About half the photos on the blog are Laurie's (usually the better scenery ones) and the other half mine (bugs and so on.)

  3. Thanks for your thorough answer! I have a Pentax Optio S4. It fits very nicely into my pocket ... so easy to pack around. Perfect except for the tiny LDC screen. My husband would really like me to get a new camera ... but the choices are so vast, it is hard to come to a decision. Do you have a dream machine in mind? We live in a very small town (not Williams Lake) ... not much in the line of cameras. Maybe in the fall I'll get to the big city, go to London Drugs and see what's new. I hate to spend the money when this one works as well as it does ... besides, this could just be a phase I'm going through. How many pictures of flowers and bugs can I take? Still, there are SO many interesting ones out there! Especially bugs. I REALLY want a good bug book. Can you recommend one?

  4. Cicero;

    I don't really have a specific camera in mind; at the moment, I can't afford another one, so I don't stir up discontent by looking too closely.

    I found the people at London Drugs very helpful when it came to buy the one I am using. I'll go back to them when the time comes.

    Good bug book? I wish I could find one. We have assorted little booklets, none anywhere near adequate, plus the ancient Field Guide to the Insects of America North of Mexico, (1970), which is too technical in the descriptions, and too scanty when it comes to photos.

    I find BugGuide to be the best source of info, so far.

  5. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Hi weeta - I love this post and the pictures of the little bird you helped to save. At first I thought oh no - it will be a bad story - but it had a happy ending!!

    I like your camera talk here in comments too --- interesting. Your pictures are what draw me in to your blog - they are always so good.

  6. Thanks for the compliments, Ocean!


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