Friday, June 22, 2007

The Sasquatch, in plain view

Bella Coola trip, Fourth leg, Port Hardy to Bella Coola, by the ill-fated Queen of the North:
(Previous posts, #1 and #2.)

So many photos, and we haven't even gotten to photographer's heaven yet...

The ferry trip from Port Hardy, on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, to Bella Coola takes approximately 10 hours, starting with an 8 AM boarding. The first few hours are in open water,
but soon enough we slipped behind Calvert Island into Hecate Strait. From here on, the shore rises steeply on both sides.

We spent most of our time on deck, chasing from one side to another to watch the killer whales and the sea birds.
Blowing steam.

Try as we might, we could not identify these.* They never came close to the ferry, and never stayed in one spot for more than a moment. Our captain told us that auklets nest on the cliffs in this area; these could be them. Or not.

*Update, July 2nd; They're Thick-Billed Murres.

And the Sasquatch: here he is, walking along the shore.
I must admit, I never imagined that one would be wearing a hat and coat, or that he uses a walking stick. But why not?

Laurie was commenting today that he is amazed that no-one else saw him. Maybe if we'd pointed him out, instead of just taking photos...


  1. C. Corax3:39 pm

    Love your Sasquatch!
    And are you saying that the ferry you were on is the one that sank a year later? How could it run aground when it was on a route it did over and over?

  2. Yes, that's the one. And running aground on a well-known and well-marked route, not in a dense fog or storm, seems almost impossible.

    There is a rumour -- only a rumour, probably unfounded -- that the two people on the bridge were ... otherwise occupied.

    That said, I have been aboard a ferry that, in thick fog at night, ran into a fisherman's net, so such things do happen. (Although the fishboat was not bearing lights, for whatever reason. He came aft with a flashlight and waved it while the ferry backed off his net.)


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