Monday, April 09, 2007

The Easter bunny!

We walked yesterday, Easter Sunday, along the Mud Bay dike. It was a grey day, a bit windy along the shore, but warm enough.

The grasses in this area stay green throughout the winter; the rest of the plants are sprouting now. Horsetails are about 6 inches tall:

The elderberry is in flower, and the lupins are up. Laurie says it's quite early for them. I wasn't paying enough attention last year, so I wouldn't know. But something doesn't seem quite "right". We saw very few birds; a couple of crows and a house finch or two. We heard a red-winged blackbird. But there were no shore birds at all, no bird tracks in the mud. No hawks, no sparrows, not even any starlings. Last year, I know, there were great flocks. Worrisome.

At low tide, a vast expanse of empty mud, as far as the eye can see.

We scrambled among the detritus thrown up by the winter storms along the seaward edge of the dike. Wood, logs, trash, chunks of foam, a barnacle-covered skiff. I found a coconut washed up among the dead eel-grass, still sloshing full of coconut milk. I wonder how far that has come? From Mexico, or further south? Or just fallen off a house-boat moored at Ladner?

At the far end of the trail, in a sheltered meadow, a rabbit sat watching us, until we got out the cameras again. Then she left, scampering under the blackberry canes. In a tree overhead, there was a nest. Must have been hers; don't Easter bunnies bring eggs? Then they must have nests. Stands to reason, doesn't it?

Anyhow, here's the proof:

Question: do the little yellow chicks come out of bunny eggs? When they grow up, do they lay bunny eggs?


  1. Hi!! I enjoyed your walk pix!!

  2. I like your blog, hope can meet you

  3. Hi, Bamboo,

    I checked your blog; my screen gives me mainly question marks. What language is your blog in?


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