Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy hour.

Bees on fall asters:

A dozen or more little cups of nectar on each flower head. Many flower heads. And the plant a-buzzing with the buzzes of delighted bumblebees. Happy hour!

Sometimes I envy the bees. No laundry and dish-washing, no money troubles, no elections to worry about, no what-ifs to spoil their meals.

Three or four other species of bees/wasps/flies were busy on this little clump. I may even have a decent photo of one or two. But I'll be babysitting in 7 hours, so I've no time to look tonight. Tomorrow.

There's always tomorrow. A whole new day; who knows what delights await us in it! (Do bees look forward to good times? No? Maybe I don't envy them, after all.)

Hasta maƱana. Or "hasty banana", as my Dad always said it.

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