Saturday, September 30, 2023

A bump in the night

 Well, here we are; it's the 30th of September. In less than 24 hours Arachtober will be on us, and I'm busy sorting spider photos. Meanwhile, here's a photo of the house security staff. 3 AM, and she's alert, watching out for spiders and crickets and those nasty flappy crane flies. And maybe the occasional bear. The bears are not likely to come inside, but you never know; best to always be on guard.

"What was that noise?"

From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!
(Traditional Cornish prayer)
Although, around here, what goes bump in the night is usually Chia doing the rounds.

Y aquí estamos. El 30 de septiembre ya, y en menos de 24 horas empieza Arachtober. Estoy muy ocupada organizando fotos de arañas. Por mientras, miren esta foto de mi guarda de seguridad. Las tres de la mañana, y Chia se mantiene alerta por si nos invaden arañas o grillos o esas revoltosas típulas. Tal vez puede aparecer un oso, también, aunque no es probable que entren en casa. Pero no hay que confiar; y gata prevenida vale por dos.

"De vampiros y fantasmas
Y bichos con patas largas
Y cosas que hacen ruidos en la noche
¡Sálvenos o Buen Señor!"
(Rezo tradicional)
Aunque, por aquí, la que hace ruidos de noche es Chia, en guardia.


  1. Indeed. A few months ago, our Black Guard cat woke me at 2.30am, making a soft chirp-purr noise. Very alert to "something." I called out, the front screen door was slammed back on its hinge. Burglars!

    1. Bravo! Guard cats deserve a stack of medals.


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