Thursday, January 13, 2022

Eagle lineup

 As they promised, it rained all day. And as I planned, I went looking for lichen in the rain. A disappointing search, though; up into the hills where the rain was lighter, the snow is still deep and the plows have built walls between the road and the woods. Coming home, I took the road that passes the dump and found a a lineup of bedraggled eagles on poles.

The light was poor; it was dark, foggy, and still raining softly, but the eagles were nicely posed against the grey sky.

He seems to have his wings held away from his body. Trying to dry out?

This one looks grumpy. Can't blame him. No food; it's all under snow, and all that rain!

Checking me out. I had managed to get closer to this pole.

Not staying around for the photo session.

Look at those talons!


I think I was happier about this than the eagles were.


Llovió todo el dia, como nos habían dicho. Y como yo había planeado, salí en la lluvia para buscar líquenes. Una búsqueda sin suerte; subiendo hacia el interior, donde no llovía tanto (pero nunca paró por completo), la nieve sigue en el suelo, aunque ya no queda nada en los árboles, y las máquinas quitanieves han construido muros de nieve a ambos lados de la carretera, impidiendo el paso a los bosques. Ya camino a casa, tomé la ruta que pasa al lado del basurero, y vi una cola de águilas malhumoradas sentados en los postes eléctricos en la lluvia.

Fotos: 4 águilas mojadas. ¡Mira las garras del águila en la quinta foto!

Esto me hizo feliz: a las águilas, no tanto.

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  1. I love seeing the eagles there. We don't see them here. So it's been many, many years since we've had a chance to see view as fine as this.


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