Friday, September 28, 2018


The tide was going out, the sun shining. Far down the beach, a large flock of gulls sat waiting for lunch. Where I was walking one gull swam alone.

Stories Beach, looking across to the mainland. One gull.

He was too far away for my eyes, but the camera saw.

Why wait for low tide, when the fish are feeding?

He's caught a fairly large fish, with a white belly and a greenish tail.

Hurrying now; gotta get this thing landed!

A second later, he was hidden behind the rocks.


  1. My guess would be a staghorn sculpin, though a positive ID is difficult without a head or dorsal shot. I'm amused at how easy it seems it is for animals to approach each other to the point of eating another when we humans need a box full of tackle and a fishing line to do the same.


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